How do I order from Harloff?

Harloff sells its Acute Care products through medical products distributors.

If you are a healthcare facility (Hospital, Clinic, Surgery Center, Doctor’s Office,  ect.) you will need to order through one of your established medical products suppliers or distributors. Harloff is a partner with many of the distributors in your area and can refer you to ones that have an account with us. So that we can fulfill your request, we ask you provide that supplier with the full part number, color selection, desired arrival time, person that is ordering, and any other information that will help us meet your expectations.

If you are one of our established distribution partners you can place the order following our distribution ordering guide.

If you do not have an account with us but are a medical products distributor that has a customer inquiry or order contact our Sales Department at 719-637-0300 to receive a distributor application.

If you are either a Correctional Facility or a Pharmacy serving the Long Term Care market contact our Long Term Care Sales department at 719-637-0300 extension 129.

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