Isolation/Infection Control

Stopping the spread of MRSAs, VREs, and other infectious microbes can save hospitals millions of dollars as well as improving patient outcomes. Harloff’s isolation carts and door mount/wall mount isolation cabinets are designed to store all the supplies required by protocol to reduce the risk of pathogen transmission in hospitals between patients, healthcare workers and visitors.

  • ISO6548 - Isolation Station
    The isolation station is specifically designed to counter the alarming rise in drug-resistant bacteria in hospitals. Special features include unique open-well storage design, silver-ion antimicrobial paint, and ease of access to all supplies.
    Isolation Stations - Open Well Design
  • Classic Carts
  • V30-3K - Isolation Cart
    Harloff’s quality manufacturing at a value price
  • ETC-4 - Treatment Cart
    Harloff offers a variety of carts for storage of supplies.
    ETC Isolation/Infection Control Carts
  • Harloff offers a variety of carts for storage of supplies where space is limited
    Mini Line

Features & Benefits:

  • Removable antimicrobial top
  • Storage solutions for PPE supplies reduce the risk of pathogen transmission between patients, healthcare workers, and visitors
  • Lower hospital costs by reducing the number of hospital acquired infections
  • Multiple sizes and configurations available
  • Incorporates silver ion technology as an antimicrobial agent, inhibiting the growth of potential pathogens

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