MRI Safe Carts

MR-Conditional Carts for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Suites. Harloff offers a line of carts that meet American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International Designation of MR-Conditional for use in a 3 Tesla or less environment of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Suite (testing date 1-13-2010) . Whether you need it for Anesthesia or Emergency, Harloff has the right MR-Conditional cart for your needs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Removable antimicrobial plastic top
  • Contemporary designs with rounded corners
  • Corner bumpers, protecting the cart
  • Safe for daily use in highly magnetic environments
  • Two cabinet sizes available – standard and narrow body
  • Emergency and Anesthesia packages available
  • Multiple drawer configurations
  • Glossy white cabinets and MRI decals identify carts as belonging to MRI suites

Emergency MR-Conditional Carts

Anesthesia MR-Conditional Carts