Did you know?

Did you know that Harloff steel carts weigh the same as many of their plastic cart equivalents?

Many plastic carts, though advertised as a light weight option, in fact weigh relatively the same as our steel carts. Harloff carts are easier to clean and maintain, and are well known in the industry for their durability, quality and long life – setting our carts apart from other cart brands in today’s market.

Did you know that most Harloff carts ship assembled?

This saves time and money. Comparable carts from other companies require up to 5 hours of labor per cart, (such as drawer assembly, accessory mounting set up, etc.). Harloff was the first cart company to do this as standard practice.

Did you know that most Harloff Acute Care carts include the plastic top in the price?

Some competitors make the top an extra add-on. Harloff carts are pictured as they are sold.