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Hospital surgical labs find themselves constantly challenged to identify usable, adaptable and economical medical storage solutions that can provide quick access and secure inventory management for expensive supplies. Harloff’s answer to this need is our line of quality medical storage carts. These med carts are designed around the most innovative modular tray system on the market and feature your choice of door style for security and ease of access. This makes our medical storage cart line superior to competitive offerings. For mobile or fixed storage, our versatile medical storage solutions provide high density and secure storage for valuable medical supplies used in surgical procedures, including  Arthroscopy, Cardiology, Urology, Ophthalmology, Laparoscopy, Neurology, and Orthopedics.

Why you should choose MedStor Max for your storage solutions:

  • Offers up to 30% more tray and basket storage capacity when compared with leading competitor’s product, using any combination of 2”, 4”, and 8” modular trays; or 3”, 5” and 8” wire baskets.
  • Optimize space within trays with adjustable dividers that have a unique clip-in design to stay in place when heavily loaded.
  • Increased storage capacity means fewer carts need to be purchased, thereby reducing capital purchase cost.
  • Unique design of plastic side panels, combined with pull-out stoppers, allows trays to be viewed at an angle without falling out of the cart.
  • Available in multiple locking options on DR models – Key lock, E-lock & Keyless entry with audit trail.
  • Protective corner bumpers with premium 5” casters, full swivel – two with brake.
  • Ships fully assembled with a domestic 12 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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