MDS30 Doored Equipment Holder Accessory, 9 inch height, MD30-DRW9-EHDR

Your M-Series MDS30 cart is flexible enough to allow multiple types of configurations. For those with large medical or electronic equipment that won’t fit inside a drawer, swap out a 9″, 12″ or 18″ section of vertical drawer space with a doored equipment holder. This closed door holdall includes 17″ of depth and a 2″ pass-through hole for all your cords and cables. M-Series carts offer you choices.

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Specifications & Details


• Sturdy steel construction with a heat sealed powder coat finish


• 17” deep closed door equipment holding area replaces standard drawer areas in three height options
• Locate your equipment holder at either the top or bottom of your vertical drawer space
• 2” pass-through hole in the rear for cords and cables
• Your M-Series MDS30 cart can have up to 30” of fully customizable vertical space for both drawer and equipment holder configurations

Internal Cabinet Dimensions

• Measures 8” H x 24.625” W x 17" D (20.3 cm H x 62.5 cm W x 43.2 cm D)


Replace 9”, 12 or 18” of vertical drawer space at the top or bottom of your M-Series cart with a closed door equipment holder, perfect for storing electronics or large medical equipment.

Additional information

Dimensions 17 × 24.625 × 8 in