M-Series Super Stat Emergency Accessory Package, MD30-EMG3

This comprehensive MD30-EMG3 emergency cart accessory package with fourteen accessories will fully equip your M-Series crash cart for any emergency. Nicknamed the Super Stat Accessory Package, it includes: an oxygen tank holder, cardiac board, IV pole, utility hooks, a color matched toprail, chart holder, utility basket, suction shelf, defribrillator shelf, locking sharps container with glove box holder, and several sets of drawer dividers. We created this loaded crash cart package to cover all your bases in any emergency! This accessory package is equivalent to what you would find on our Classic Line 6411 model loaded crash cart.

The MD30-EMG3 Accessory Package includes M-Series accessories only – carts are sold separately.

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Specifications & Details

Accessories Included

• Oxygen tank holder (O2HLDR)
• Large Utility Basket (BASKETDM)
• (2) Utility hooks (UHOOKS2)
• Toprail, matching cart color (MD30-TOPRAIL)
• Cardiac board and brackets (MD-CARDBRD)
• Chart Holder (CHARTHLDRDM)
• (1 Set) Standard 3” Drawer Dividers (MD30-DIV3-S)
• (1 Set) Standard 6” Drawer Dividers (MD30-DIV6-S)
• (1 Set) Standard 3” Drawer Tray Dividers (MD30-TRAYDIV3-S)
• IV pole (MD-IV2)
• Defribrillator Shelf (MD-DEFIB)
• Locking Sharps Container (5qt) and Glove Box Holder (684811)
• Suction shelf (SUCTIONSHLF)


Outfit your M-Series emergency crash cart with an emergency accessory package to meet your needs. Our options include the most commonly requested, must-have items for hospital staff. Choose our basic package, our “top seller” standard option or our “Super Stat” fully loaded crash cart accessory package with fourteen accessories. Each accessory package is compatible only with M-Series cart. Carts shown must be purchased separately.