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Achieve the same drying capabilities of an endoscope drying cabinet with your Savary-Gilliard® Dilators! This new medical innovation from the design and engineering team at Harloff allows you to vertically hang up to 24 dilators for channel drying, exterior drying and storage. Available with or without HEPA filtered drying capabilities for dilators up to 28″ in length, or for dilators up to 39″ in length in the tall cart.

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We’ve added more options to our line of Malignant Hyperthermia Carts! They now come with either our standard 1.8 cubic feet Follet® refrigerator or a smaller 1.0 cubic feet Follet® refrigerator. The new design comes with two 6″ drawers plus the same great features of our standard design. We’ve also added “no accessory” options to all of our carts, for those who want the basics or who want to customize their accessory choices. Click here to view our entire line of Malignant Hyperthermia carts.

Endoscopy Procedure


Our new scope transit system can store and safely transport your scope trays. Each cart securely holds most popular brands of scope trays, keeping scopes protected within each tray shelf during transport. This effective system will minimize damage to your endoscopes while keeping scope trays clearly identified and separated to help prevent cross-contamination. Scope tray carts can be color coded to signify clean, patient ready scopes versus soiled scopes needing reprocessing.

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Designed and built to meet the needs of today’s healthcare market. Comfort drawer pulls, expanded lock options and a standard antimicrobial top make things easier for your staff and help support your infection control initiatives. M-Series carts offer you choices.

Choose the Height and Width  •  Choose Your Drawer Configuration  •  Choose Your Lock  •  Choose Your Color  •  Choose Your Accessories

Our family of cabinets just got bigger! You already know about Harloff’s single cabinet, our double cabinet and our triple cabinet. By customer request, we now introduce you to “The Quad,” our largest cabinet yet!

Choose a pre-configured cart or customize your own:  Tambour Door or Tempered Glass Door  |  Key or Keyless  |  Painted or Stainless
Accessories:  Cath Holders  |  Trays  |  Shelves  |  Baskets
Locking Options:  Key Lock  |  Basic E-Lock  |  Keypad  |  Proximity Reader

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The Sure-Dry Scope Cabinet includes the industry best Positive Pressure HEPA Filtered Drying system. Inside air is replaced inside the cabinet 4 times per minute. Meets or exceeds Joint Commission, AORN, SGNA, and AAMI guidelines.

SureDry Scope Cabinet with Dri-Scope Aid logo

The ultimate in Endoscope drying systems is now available! SureDry Scope Cabinets feature an external HEPA filtered positive pressure drying system. Dri-Scope Aid® is the industry leading internal lumen drying system. This combination provides facilities with the assurance that they will be able to meet all current and anticipated future guidelines for external and internal drying of endoscopes, providing their patients the best possible assurance of infection prevention.