Specialty Packaging Carts

Medication carts designed to hold a variety of dispensing packaging for long-term care facilities. Most packaging can be accommodated in one of our standard carts. However, several packaging styles have unique sizes that require us to design medication carts specifically for that packaging.

Medicine-On-Time® (MOT®) and DISPILL® are two examples of specialty packaging with unique size requirements. Harloff now offers medication carts designed for these products that also have secure narcotics storage designed to fit MOT® and DISPILL® packaging.

Harloff medication carts can change to meet your needs. Different drawer sizes, different internal dividers, and new packaging styles are not a problem for us. Tell us what you need and Harloff will make it happen!

Download Specialty Packaging PDF

MOT® Narcotics Box
SL MOT® Drawer
Dispill® Narcotics Box
Dispill® Packaging Drawer